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Cherry poping sex

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Top definition. When a female virgin first sexx vaginal intercourse, or some object is inserted into the vagina, causing the hymen to ruptureresulting in bleeding. The term "cherry" is used to refer to cherry poping sex red of the resulting blood.

cherry poping sex However, not all women are born with a hymen, and certain hard physical activities may cause the hymen to tear. Though no surgery can restore virginity i.

cherry poping sex Suitor number 1: When a guy makes u loose your virginety. To have sex with a virgincausing said virgin to lose their virginity. Can often cause an unusual amount of bitchiness in said ex-virgin.

You came in my pussy and now I'm pregnantyou bastard! If I knew you'd be such a fucking bitch after I fucked you, I cherry poping sex have wanted to pop your cherry!

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