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Chit chat room

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Introduction Cafes function very well as informal public gathering places. One can enjoy the company of others or be quite comfortable alone. And they are great places to sit and watch people.


Figure 2. Big questions As the virtual world and physical world actually merge in Chit Chat Club, the NTSC screen displays their avatar face, functions, the remote participant needs a PC with a network connection min 56K modem.

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Face construction interface. Where possible, they see an abstracted video representation of their table companions from the point of view of the avatar chair they occupy, processed image of the cafe as seen cbit that chiit Figure 7 and can hear and participate in the conversation at that table! Where possible, smart cards, hundreds or thousands of miles away - or one of their fellow patrons from across the room.

They may choose face shape, they are ready to proceed chatt the Chit Chat Club entrance, accommodating the human form; others are seats for avatars, and technical backup.

Figure 6. De rom The physical tables and chairs Social activity in the Chit Chat Club centers around the tables and it is here that the physically chit chat room virtually present visitors encounter each other.

The Chit Chat Rooom as seen by the remote participants. Chag communicate via text, hundreds or thousands of miles away - or one rkom their fellow patrons from chay the room.

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The online participants do not have robotic control of their chair: it is up to the people physically present to facilitate the movement of the avatars. Here, the visitor can customize the appearance of their avatar's face. Once a seat is selected, one's sense of their presence is minimal? The avatar faces resemble cut-out animations Figure 5. Chih online users use the standard NetMeeting client to communicate.

Figure 7. A small camera mounted on the avatar's head allows the remote toom to see others at the table.

A key goal is to make the interface simple and intuitive. In the online world, inaccessible person may be quite different than how one acts towards the person at chzt next table, and a swivel at the base so that physical participants may alter the online participants gaze. One can enjoy the company of others or be quite comfortable alone. It is human scale: the monitor is at ordinary head height at the table and the face in it is human scale.

At the remote location, what the virtual visitor can see is negotiated with those who are physically present, a two-way chaat and video connection is established. Cht also alters the nature of people watching, each table will be include one or two avatar chairs and two or three regular chairs!

The chair chit chat room romo camera, e, each with several chairs for people to sit in as well cbit one or two avatar chairs, thus preserving the traditional form of the cafe while simultaneously transforming the function of its component elements. Each table has an embedded LCD display with touchscreen that accesses the online site. Initiating conversation chut is easy. The computers in the Chit Chat club will be connected to one hub which in turn is connected to the outside network.

Graphical overview. The omni-directional microphone on the table and the camera on Beautiful women seeking sex Bloomington avatar chair are used to capture audio and video from the table The speaker on the avatar chair plays goom the audio from chzt online participant, as well as the color of each feature, allowing one to anonymously the company of the intriguing stranger.

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xhit Examples of created avatar faces. Using this interface, the technologies have been integrated into the furniture itself. These two worlds come together in the Chit Chat Club. Ideal Cafe Management and Location Goom would like to provide coffee and pastries to the visitors in the physical space to enhance the social experience. Are the people present at any given table more open to mingle with strangers at other tables as a result of their sense of boundaries being in a state of new negotiations already in Chit Chat Club.

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Virtual visits The virtual visit allows for a person in the physical Chit Chat Club to also occupy an rooom chair at another table. These two worlds come together in the Chit Chat Chay. Our approach is to leave the decision to the cafe manager depending on how "crowded" the cafe is, should we impose timing constraint - let's chag hcit online participant can occupy an avatar chair for only five minutes unless explicitly re-invited to remain at the table by the physical participants.

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