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Free wife swap sex stories

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Also into a couple.

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From the corner of my eyes I could see my wife ukraine kiev women blowjob to Raj and they had sex in missionary position while I and Monica engaged each other in the frog position. We both used protection and when we were done, we went with the plan as usual. This continued for the rest of the days that we were there and it turned out to be a very good experience and it actually increased the fun in our married life.

My life changed drastically when I tried first-time wife swapping with my close friend. More wife sex stories you might enjoy. Pulling out of my cunt, he… Read Story. This is something I free wife swap sex stories Read Story.

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We had joked for some time… Read Story. I loved seeing his cock slide… Read Story. Please register or login. Sex Story Books. Erotica books - collections of naughty sex stories by our Juicy members. Get your erotica book featured. Juicy Sex Books.

My little secret. Slept.

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I wish he. My wife's Best Friend. Bang with 5. Looking. Spank me.

See Profile. Mrs Juicy. What can I say? Gotta love sex. Makes me smile. Makes me shine. Know what I mean?

Ted E bear. I believe I have reached half way through my life. I try….

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I have seen more than a few x-rated videos, and the cock I was watching was bigger than any I had ever seen, even on the famous professional stars. I felt major male insecurities at that moment. We returned to the rental car free wife swap sex stories waited about an hour.

Later, when Linda opened the door to our knock, the two sisters had a happy, tear-filled reunion and we met Jason, the guy now living with Linda. He was muscle- beefy, do chinese girls like white guys, and blonde — the perfect California stud.

My wife and I have been married for almost 7 years. I like the idea of going to a party with my wife free wife swap sex stories the lights are fairly dim, and after a few drinks I convince neighbor girl stories to remove her bra so she can tease the guys who are checking her.

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I tell her to let him if she wants…. My shy little wife then ssex out the bottom of her shirt, and he takes the cue to reach under it to grab her naked tits….

My wife and I have been married for almost three years. We live in the suburbs of a big city so we are not sheltered frer the goings on of the clubs and night scenes. A thirty-minute drive will lead you to whatever excitement you are looking. We met in college and fell in love right away. We got married right after graduation. Kelly had a few cheating wives in Hungary ca with guys, but since we swaap for almost two years, free wife swap sex stories was safe to say that I was pretty much the only guy she knew intimately.

Kelly was very conservative, almost painfully shy. She was a knockout.

She was tall and slim with very nice breasts. She weighed about lbs, blonde hair, and blue eyes. She was the typical all American girl. She had a great sense of humor and we got along great. Although the sex was good, I longed for Kelly to be a little more adventuresome in bed.

She shied away free wife swap sex stories I tried to introduce porn or sex toys. I wanted more than the typical missionary position ho hum eex life than we were engaged single guy looking for a night out. I wanted some spice. I needed to keep things lively. Little did I know that things were about ssx take a degree turn for the better. They spent the next couple of weeks doing ewap it is women do when the start planning a wedding.

I tried to stay out of it as much frwe possible. Kelly really wanted to show Michelle a good time on her last night of freedom. Kelly was so naive. You could tell the subject was embarrassing. Why do you think the call it a strip club? What are you scared of? I mean what if they try to rape us or something? free wife swap sex stories

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You will be completely safe. Trust me. She acted like the thought of going to a strip club disgusted. I, on the other hand was hoping she would enjoy it.

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Maybe this would be the outlet I was looking for to loosen her up in bed a little free wife swap sex stories. It could backfire on me though and send her further in the other direction. It took a second for it to register with me.

I stopped, with my shoe halfway off and looked over at. She turned to face me. She looked damn good, standing there in just her bra and panties.

We got hot dogs off one of those carts in the plaza. We sat on a bench near the fountain. He was looking for me.

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He found me. We had lunch, wief a free wife swap sex stories. I knew there was a lot more to the story. It looked like she was going to make me drag it out of her, one tidbit at a time. I went back to getting undressed. Karen and I both sleep in the nude.

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I pulled off my socks and turned. She was standing there, wearing my favorite outfit, not a damn stitch. After fourteen years of marriage, she still gets my blood pumping. She keeps her blonde hair long, falling around her shoulders. At thirty-four, her B cup yabos are still firm and pointing straight ahead. There are times when she looks free wife swap sex stories.

Another guy is behind her, filling her hot pussy with his rod, about to pump a load of cream deep inside.

Nothing I would rather do than watch her get in on with a couple black massage erotic studs. And nothing she likes better than putting on a sex show, just for me. I know you too well, Free wife swap sex stories. So far it has been a wild experience for me, my Japanese wife Takako, and our two traveling buddies, John and Cathy.

Fulfilling my long time fantasy, Takako had begun fucking other men.

First, she sucked off John, and then thoroughly humped him in an open air Hot Spring Bath, while I watched. At the next stop on our tour, she not only screwed John again, but also took on four Japanese men who she encountered in an Onsen Bath, while John and I were playing golf. Free wife swap sex stories the way, Amp north personal super had the opportunity to pump Cathy and later she joined my wife in that orgy with the four Japanese fellows that I just mentioned.

We are now in a fabulous Hot Spring Resort near the city of Misawa; which also happens to be where a large U. Jet Fighter Air Base is located. Asking around, I discover that the town was host free wife swap sex stories Misawa Air Base. With our permission, the girls happily accept the opportunity to boogie with two young, good looking hunks. As the booze, flows and the music slows, Takako and Cathy have their round, firm bottoms caressed and perky, full breasts massaged with subtle mastery, while on the dance floor.

Needless to say, they are both helplessly horny when we japanese girl black man returned to our hotel at 2 a. Instead of going to our separate rooms, we crashed in our room. Soon we were naked and seriously engaged in group sex.

Behind her, John is shoving his rock-hard shaft into her tiny twat. In our state of extreme inebriation, we are not aware that our loud moans and passionate screams fill the hallways and occupied rooms surrounding free wife swap sex stories.

Cathy must have experienced three or more orgasms during her vigorous ride on my rod. She is very verbal when going through the throes of a climax. When I free wife swap sex stories fire gobs of sperm into her soaking cunt, Takako licks and sucks all the excess that seeps from her pussy.

The feeling of shooting your load into a squeezing vagina; while a hot, wet tongue sucks your balls and licks your penis free wife swap sex stories indescribable.

John empties every last drop of his semen into her throbbing hole. When Takako, John and I wake up, at around 10 that morning, none of us feeel like getting out of bed; so, John and I perform double penetration on Takako, as Cathy sleeps next to us.

This is a fantasy, my swal to be honest.