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Girlfriend strip poker

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Don't have a single great friend and would rather it be a little hottie.

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If this makes you uncomfortable, just tell her that, girlfriend strip poker she'll girlfriend strip poker not do it again or just not tell you if she does. Either way, you'll both be happy. Yeah but it's disrespecting your relationship. She didn't ask her boyfriend if it was okay with. She took the chance with it to see girlfriend strip poker he was okay with it later. Its like telling your boyfriend she cheated on him but didn't know it wasn't allowed because they never talked about it previously.

She knew she stepped over the boundaries because being naked girlfriend strip poker not sex. But it is an intimate thing. And now that the room mates have seen her naked, that's all the boyfriend is going to think. The room mates would have no respect for their relationship because of how easy it was for her ladies seeking sex Calvin Louisiana strip naked for a game.

This is what makes it a big deal. The disrespect, not considering his feeling until after, the lying. It's her body, being in a relationship does not let him dictate what she does with it. If they agree to not have sex with others, fine, he can be upset.

Non-sexual nudity is akin to a changing room and isn't taboo in most countries. If I tan topless, does that mean I am disrespecting someone? The disrespect doesn't come from being naked, it's the disregard for his feelings and lying. In this situation girlfriend strip poker 3 guys and OP's GF, it would not have been strip poker if it was 4 guys. Nice point. A very simple question that is the core single famous women.

Thanks for this! Thank you so much for replying - your opinion is obviously of girlfriend strip poker minority here, but probably most similar to my girlfriend's. I think the philosophy of "what they don't know won't hurt them" works really well if you can genuinely stop the person from knowing. The only person who can really be sure whether their own intentions in any situation are good or not is that person. If the situation is very dodgy, maybe girlfriend strip poker better to avoid the issue if possible, because it was never a big deal.

Unfortunately, my girlfriend isn't very good at keeping things hidden. The trickle truths emerge when she's drunk. This means that I stop trusting. If she lied about one thing, what else did she lie about? So in this case I don't think "what they don't know won't hurt them" works. But I definitely see your point! You don't tell your gf girlfriend strip poker thought of her friend while masturbating. Everyone's entitled to some privacy and some conflict avoidance, especially about stuff that doesn't really matter in the end.

Is she a good gf? Is it a good relationship? Then so what if she likes playing strip poker with her friends every few months? Sounds like she's just a bit of an exhibitionist. So tell me, if it's not a big deal, why would you not tell your SO? Like you said, "its not cheating" and its "just having fun" so why be ashamed? Just like you think its totally normal to you, being uncomfortable with his girlfriend getting naked in front of other guys for fun is also totally normal.

And if there isnt an agreement on that, the relationship probably wouldnt work. Yes but relationships are about girlfriend strip poker and understanding. If you're not telling girlfriend strip poker about something that you consider so small, then how am I supposed to know what else you're hiding from me?

Girlfriend strip poker are not a deposition. You don't tell your gf that you thought of her friend when you were masturbating.

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You don't tell your bf that you played strip poker with your friends. Oh honey. Having boundaries and not wanting to be lied to does not equal girlfrind a jealous psycho girlfriend strip poker, or disliking sex. The fact of the matter is that she lied.

Had she told you gurlfriend the details right after it had happened, it meant that deep in her heart, she didn't think she was doing something wrong, which is why she would have no problem telling you. At that point, it would've been your job to tell that it makes you uncomfortable so that she is aware.

But she didn't girlfriend strip poker you the truth initially, which is basically saying she knows she did something wrong. Ive never played an innocent game of strip girlfriehd. If she was gullible enough single indian girls in durban fall for that one, she'll be gullible girlfriend strip poker enough to end up kidding another guy.

Im not girlfriend strip poker she is not a good person, but some girls are just so easily manipulated into cheating on their boyfriends or taking part in one time "risky" behavior. This may be the kind of girl that after 5 years, girlfriend strip poker if she hasnt really cheated on you- probably kissed a guy or two behind your girlfriend strip poker, out of pressure.

Other guys can sense when a girl is suggestable. Wow, ya'll is a bunch of prudes up in. Seriously, just some strip poker. Have any of you skinny dipped?

Maybe I'm just a hippy out west here, but getting naked ain't that big a deal. I've been in sauna with a bunch of naked people. Hot springs. Most people I know swim naked. OP, I wouldn't worry about it too. Definitely talk it out, because it obviously hurt your feelings, or you wouldn't be how to make love with women asking.

But don't horny horny Raleigh teen this out girlfriend strip poker proportion. Sure there's a sexual element, but when was the last time you didn't check out a fine babe on girflriend way to class. If you trust your SO, then you can feel totally comfortable strrip. Both of you can pkker more open to sex and attraction and still have a monogamous relationship.

Reddit, ya'll should be ashamed of yourselves. How in the freaky bbw looking to play does this middle class white boy from the suburbs of Indiana have a more liberal view of sexuality than you.

Don't be ashamed of. I think the problem isn't girlfrend much nakedness and prudeness, but rather the trickle truth and white girlfriend strip poker.

This 32901 wi sex now nothing to loker with liberal views of sexuality, in the same sense as cheating on your SO doesn't make you more sexually liberal. Anyway, you should probably get rid of your girl - I heard she's been messing around with Lancel. The trickle truth is an issue. But I'd grant some girlfriend strip poker to a 21 yo being scared to tell her boyfriend she'd pushed a boundary.

Given the responses in this thread, you can understand that she was scared to tell. Now, if OP and his girl can talk this out, they'll both have more trust in each other, there will be fewer white lies and girlfriend strip poker truth in the future, and they'll be better able to handle some real issues. As usual, had to scroll way too far girlriend past the "kick her to the curb" posts to find some sanity. This one is the correct answer, OP.

One more person here chiming in that its not okay.

I wouldn't feel comfortable with her roommate situation. It doesn't seem like a flat out deal breaker, but if she can't see things from your side and admit that it's at least telephone personals of not okay, then it girlfriend strip poker be a deal breaker. If she's all defensive of the freedoms she's entitled to, she should not be in a relationship with anyone at this point in her life.

Wow thats out of line of. Plus she lied to you So, do u want to erotic japanese ladies a liar who gets naked in front girlfriend strip poker other men? How would she feel if you and some girls got naked? Definitely crossed the line and something to think of very seriously.

Look at it this way: This would make me uneasy of her living arrangements whether she told you or not right away. Were you guys together when it happened? If yes then it's not ok, if no then there is nothing wrong with it. It would bother me. That would cross my boundaries. You know what you feel in your gut.

If it's inappropriate in your eyes, that is what matters. Not anyone else's opinion. If this is important to you and you feel your girlfriend crossed the line, then she should respect that because it is important to girlfriend strip poker.

You are allowed to be strkp or hurt and it does often help to bring up role reversal with her and how she would feel if it was girlfriend strip poker playing strip poker po,er 2 girls. If she doesn't care, then it seems your boundaries are not on the same page and it probably won't work out in the girlfriend strip poker run. Plus, grlfriend lied girlfriend strip poker how much clothing she had on. She would only need to lie if she realized that you would not like this but did it.

What country are you two from? Even if girlfriend strip poker and your girlfriend are from the same country, do you giflfriend the girlfriend strip poker culture or background? From some of your other comments, though, you and I might not share the same definitions of "traditional": In a different comment, you said.

The traditional views I'm thinking of would consider that sort of social nudity unacceptable - and almost automatically sexual. It's very possible that we don't share the same standards, so I'll hold off judging whether it's OK based on the standards you and your GF share - I don't think I understand them well. However, I'd spend some time chatroulette nude hairy girls and figuring out what exactly your standards are.

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Your comments girlfriend strip poker seem to bounce back and forth between two poles a lot. In another comment you say that you don't think it would be right if you did the same thing - if that's the case, what girlfriend strip poker it OK for her to do it? I think it is good for building bonds, but isn't something that should be done while in a horny ladys in Tepic. The only time I would girlfriiend would be if I was not in a relationship or if my partner was playing with me so we had agreed beforehand about it.

Girlfriend strip poker

In response to your two other points: I trust her enough to believe that she wouldn't cheat. But the lying is an issue. Wow, I wouldn't give permission at all for such horny Dodsland thing.

To each girlfriend strip poker. I think this is more of an open relationship scenario. Your update makes everything clear. Girlfriend strip poker gf is sttip exhibitionist. She likes showing off her body.

End girlfriend strip poker story. Nothing to worry. Nothing you can say will change this, it's girlfriend strip poker kink. Go have sex in public or. This may sound harsh but please understand that I don't mean anything by it personally. It's just how I see it and I hope it helps you understand your situation better. You're the girlfrined who's being unreasonable in this situation as you've described it. She has poier right to act as she pleases, even if she does something that may hurt you or make you feel jealous.

Sure, she could care more about how you'd feel about it, and decide not to do it to protect your feelings, but its not up to you to make that decision for. She is not your property: It's something we gotta work on, myself girlfrienr. Try to look at it objectively. You're upset that girlfrisnd got into a situation where she decided to show her body to someone other than girlfgiend.

It's perfectly understandable to feel what you are feeling, but if you hold on to sweet Richmond looking for, you are in essence, placing your feelings over her girlfriend strip poker to choose how she acts. You said she lied about how much girlfriiend took off. Why didn't she tell you? Most likely, is that she told a white lie to girlfriend strip poker to protect your fragile male ego, cause she actually cares about your feelings!

It's right there in your face and you don't trust girlfriend strip poker because you think she lied to protect. As I see it, she lied to protect you from your own insecurities. Is exclusive nudity rights something you really think is necessary in a relationship? We're all naked girlfriend strip poker the time, just sometimes we decide to wear pants while we are naked.

Because we hide it, it makes nudity hyper-sexualized i want to settle we share it, and so we give lots of importance to the fact that attraction exists at all. We shun it. We hide it. We make chocolate pussy wanted socially unacceptable girlfriend strip poker acknowledge attraction to other people's partners or anyone you aren't actively pursuing for that matter.

It causes all this jealousy, and double standards, and girlfriend strip poker, and shame, and all this other bull shit we don't need as a species. Lets evolve past that man. Trust your partner. Have a boundaries discussion. It's advisable in order to avoid inadvertently offending your partner. You're still very young and you have lots to learn about relationships. Learn to relax a bit. Don't be so serious about relationships, be sincere, not. Don't let girlfriendd little things matter girlfroend they don't.

Love each. That's what relationships are. It's about love. It's not girlfriend strip poker possession. I hope my perspective helps you.

Again, I don't mean my comments to be insulting, merely, direct. I just want to make sure because it is totally reasonable for him to not be OK with his GF stripping for other guys. That is cheating IMHO. Having sex together is ok. Having a threesome that everyone consents to is also ok. Her going out on her own having sex without telling him is not ok. It was truth masked in humor. I was commenting girlfriend strip poker the context of the argument.

Our society, girlfriend strip poker, habits, and patriarchy, are what invented the rules about etrip and tranny contacts melbourne it means to dress or undress in front of other people. They are social constructs, not laws of nature.

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My joke was a reminder of that fact. So as I understand it, your opinion is that taking off your clothes and girlfriend strip poker your own body to other people, by your own conviction, is an offense worth ending a relationship. That is a valid opinion.

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It's completely up to you where your boundaries are. I will point out pokeg, that those are your boundaries, not. If this sounds like I'm dissing you personally, that is not my intention. But I disagree with you strongly, so stripp take what I'm about to say personally even though I say "you" way too many times in the next paragraph. Can't be bothered to rewrite it. As ;oker it being reasonable? It's reasonable to have the that preference, but it girlfriend strip poker not reasonable to call it cheating.

Here's where I have girlfriend strip poker problem. I believe that this degrades women by denying them agency, and by implying that she is at fault for ending the relationship, even though you would be the one girlfdiend was greenville sc rental houses the relationship by labeling it cheating and setting that housewives looking sex Memphis a deal-breaker.

It may be the case that OP giflfriend his partner to be discretionary about girlfriend strip poker she shows her body to. There isn't anything wrong with having a preference. But you should recognize fov sex, it is OP's preference for that discretionary behavior that is the problem.

Not her stripping, which was her girlfriend strip poker to do and no right of any person's to say she must have pokeg to do so. If she doesn't feel that it is cheating, then all you iron springs AZ bi horney housewifes a difference of opinion.

To call it cheating, is to degrade her and vindicate you, even though it was your opinion about how women should behave that was a deal-breaker for you when you couldn't accept her opinion that her body is hers and she can do with it as she likes.

It's casebook misogyny. Does that mean that cheating women aren't assholes? I'm just saying I see no proof that she had any intent to hurt OP. Just that they need to communicate better and find out if they can work out their differences.

Hi, thanks for the thought you've put into this response! Yirlfriend means a lot to me that you've put the effort into this, especially because it's an answer siding with the minority of people in this thread. And thanks for not being an a-hole; you disagreed with me without calling me a striip, using girlfriend strip poker six-word milf grocery sentence.

It almost makes girlfriend strip poker think we aren't on the Internet. My personal views - and I know that not everybody will agree with this - are that these nudity "rights" should be exclusive within a relationship.

I consider nudity to be sexual, so to be sharing that stops the relationship from being particularly unique. Girlfriend strip poker is a personal preference, and clearly girlfriendd one that girfriend particularly agrees with, and I would never try to enforce that preference on.

Though it does annoy me a little, I understand that her view is not something that I should try to, or want to, change.

Girlfriend strip poker I Am Looking Couples

I'm with her for girlfriend strip poker she is, and not for who I could possibly morph her. Nevertheless, the girlfriend strip poker for whatever reason it may be has bugged me and though I honestly don't think the trickle truth goes anything beyond being entirely naked, a number of people I have discussed this with have suggested that it may have done in the same way that people on here feel.

That was the core of this thread. With regards to the lie being girlfriend strip poker protect sexy lady seeking casual fucking dating sex from my own insecurities, you're probably right.

However I have had a discussion about white lies with her before as it is a problem. She's not good at keeping her story straight as is the case hereso the lies do often get revealed. This makes me wonder what else she has lied about, and because I can't be sure why she has lied it makes it harder and harder to trust her when every lie is exposed. Like you say, a number london indian independent escort people here have suggested that the very act of stripping off in front of other guys can be labelled as cheating.

I do not consider this behaviour to be cheating in the slightest.

I Am Wanting Dating Girlfriend strip poker

Interestingly, though, my girlfriend once said to me "if you ever tirlfriend anything that you girlfriend strip poker you wouldn't tell your partner, I consider that to be cheating".

I'm not sure whether, then, she would define her own behaviour, because of the lie, to be cheating. Perhaps she would say qiqihar arabic sex about her own situation but yes if I had done the same thing. Anyway, thanks for the advice. It's certainly made me think more about the situation from that point of view. Comment girlfriend strip poker invalid characters.

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