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Glock 40 cal model 22

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I like Glocks. I've never had one fail on me, they shoot just fine filthy or bone dry, and you can clean the things in your dishwasher. For anyone who has read my reviews, you know I'm a Glock fan.

Maybe not as much as I like government models, but I like Glocks. I recently added another one to my collection: As with my G19, the G22 I have procured is a second generation model and I've put it through the wringer in recent weeks. This review is, in case you hadn't guessed, about the second generation Glock Basic differences between the second generation Glock 22 below right and the glock 40 cal model 22 generation of this gun above right are apparent.

Most notably the frame has been changed to include: There are a few more changes that are internal and not noticeable or meaningful unless kl dating website are an armorer for Glock.

The weapon still functions the same, uses the same glock 40 cal model 22 and, probably most importantly, hits where you aim. Let's take a look at some of the basic specifications: And perhaps the three most important: With many 9mm pistols holding fifteen rounds per magazine and some competitor.

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Additionally, with the seeming increase in active shooter farming singles and the potential reality of a looming on-the-ground terrorist attack, more bullets are always better. Sight Radius: Small aiming errors can result in big misses at the target.

The longer a weapon's sight radius, the less chance exists to make aiming mistakes. As a comparison, the sight radius on my Springfield Armory pistol is also 6.

Trigger pull: On Glock's competition guns you can get a 3. Why lighter on a competition gun?

Many double-action guns have an initial trigger pull of eight pounds or. With a consistent 5.

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So, what do all of these features equal at the range? A fun day of shooting, if you ask me.

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glock 40 cal model 22 My second gen G22 fed and fired every type of ammo I put through it. Some of what I had in my ammo can was factory loaded full metal jacket. Quick fire groups ran in the four-inch area, while slow fire supported groups tightened up to between 2.

The best group of the evening was a five-shot group that measured 1. While I was at the range with this second gen gun, I had a couple of other shooters there who had third gen guns. When they asked which generation of Glock I preferred I had to tell them glock 40 cal model 22 I really do like the second gen better.

While I like the option of mounting a light without having to use an adaptor, I'm not a fan of the finger grooves. This may be due to the glock 40 cal model 22 that I've fired thousands upon thousands of rounds through my second gen G19 and have grown accustomed to the feel of the single again after years front strap in my hand.

Whatever it is, I like the second gen better. Overall though, if you can't carry a government model pistol, I recommend the Glocks. They are hard to break; damned near idiot-proof; and won't let you.

They're available at good prices. Home Home Glock Model Glock Model February 2, Borelli Consulting.

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