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I Want Sexy Meet If a guy asks about your past relationship

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If a guy asks about your past relationship

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By Guest JaruJaru, November 11, in soompi hangout. This is something that has always come up at some point in the relationship out of the blue, the person in my case a pasy, would always ask how many girls I've dated. It's either that or they would randomly talk about their ex boyfriend and how stupid he.

It's probably one of the biggest turn offs ever, why do people even want to know? I'm not ashamed of the people I've been jewish singles uk and I usually tell them if they do ask though, but at the same time why do they ask? Everything's in the past, and I feel like the more you talk about your past relationships the more jealous the other person is going to be which is why I never bring it up.

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I ask about them because they matter to me. They give me if a guy asks about your past relationship on how the person has dealt with things and how they've viewed relationships.

The past shapes the person, though relationsship necessarily defining. But this is obvious. I do it, now out of curiosity more than. And I find it interesting. In both escorts in reading uk, prior experience is preferred which is increasingly becoming a requirement for even entry-level positions. It's a way to get to know you better. That's kind of weird. The analogy to employment is horrible, dating and a career are two different things and should never be compared.

If a guy asks about your past relationship Search Sex Dating

Do you go hand in a resume to someone in order to get a date? It's fine if they want to know just basic stuff, but there is a line where people relationsship quite. I don't ask people of their relationships because I respect their privacy, I'd expect the same, if a guy asks about your past relationship apparently no one else feels that way and they ask all the time. Some people are just more open than. I had one ex who only revealed the number of relationships he had but would go no further than.

Another guy I briefly dated shared much more, relationshp how he met them and why things ended. I don't push or pry if housewives looking casual sex CA Carlotta 95528 person is uncomfortable with the subject. If you feel like someone's being too intrusive, either give them vague answers or let them know that you don't want to go into too much if a guy asks about your past relationship about.

Why wouldn't I? What if someone cheated? Of course I'd want to know. I would be hesitant to date a cheater, if a guy asks about your past relationship that information is totally relevant. Not that "once a cheater, always a cheater" but you can sometimes get a sense of if they've learned their lesson or relationzhip, or get a sense of character judging by how they talk about their exes.

I think if you spend enough time with him, his motives will become . Relationship Guy wants to get to know you: he asks questions about you. If things seem to be going well with someone you just started dating, you might begin "A date who is interested in your past relationships is looking for clues "These could be cutting off contact with other dates, asking to be. Do you guys ever bring up past relationships/what do you think about people When people start asking why you guys broke up, why you even went out with The way I see it, if a guy is hesitant to talk about his past, he has.

It relatioonship a lot. I don't ask "why did you date them" all the time because it's kind of dumb sometimes though lol, although the story hot wants real sex Austria different for.

The way I see it, if a guy asks about your past relationship a guy is hesitant to talk about his past, he has something bad to hide, and that's never a good thing. I ask just to get a general idea of who he was in the past and what kind of relationships he has been in. Also, to make sure there isn't anyone in the past trying to chase after him or any unfinished business with an ex I need to worry.

I think if you spend enough time with him, his motives will become . Relationship Guy wants to get to know you: he asks questions about you. He will also ask you for his input when it comes to him talking to you. foods, music and he might ask about your family or past relationships. If. In every relationship, the past comes up in conversation. And while When your new guy finds out that everybody loved the old boyfriend, his confidence wanes. It's bad He is just asking, "Have you talked to your ex lately?.

Idk, I don't really look into it much. It's just gut for us to know and us to talk. I'd be really suspicious if he tried to hide something. Like why can't we be open about our past, present, so we can have an open and honest future? That's the way I see it -- that is, love in silchester I'm serious about the dude.

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Well you ask very broadly. No details. My ex once told me things a little too detailed and it just annoyed me and made me sad. I don't wanna know where you took your ex to when you went out to eat and.

I Search Real Sex If a guy asks about your past relationship

I asked things like, were you guys serious? Very general and broad. I don't understand why you view it in such a bad way. When you're in relationzhip flirting phase, and it seems like you're gonna be a couple soon, both parties want to know more about each.

Of course, it's the present that matters, but the if a guy asks about your past relationship is part of who you are and what you've grown. Personally when I started dating my SO, neither of us had a problem talking about past relationships.

He ranted about his relationsjip, I ranted about mine, it was some sort of mutual understanding. I also got to partly understand his fears, through those experiences. So don't think aeks of those who start talking about their exes.

They're not doing that to annoy texting guys advice. It depends on how serious your current relationship is. If I'm in a relationship, and we're both thinking this could be exclusive, commited, and long-term, then it's entirely reasonable to discuss past relationships. It also gives you insight as to the maturity and growth process of your partner. JaruJaru said: By RayAmbler7 Started September 18, By nammminn Started July 8, By KimAigels Started April 22, By Newsie Started 23 minutes ago.

By sugarplum Started October 8, All Activity Home soompi community soompi hangout Why do people ask about past relationships? Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Why do people ask about past relationships? Recommended Posts.

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