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Home Sentence Tongue Tongue sentence example tongue. Meanings Synonyms Sentences Quotes Spanish. I was tongue tied, at a loss how to respond. It became less of a request and more of a demand, with his tongue flickering to taste her. Her tongue darted out to wet her lips nervously.

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When you think about practicing good oral hygiene, chances are you think about brushing your teeth.

5 things you should know to keep your tongue healthy

But there's another part of your mouth that deserves just as much attention and care as those chompers of yours — your tongue. The tongue plays a vital role in helping you taste, swallow, digest, breathe, and communicate. That covers a lot of what you require as a human being to survive. And also to enjoy your life while doing so. To better understand how this one muscular organ can accomplish so much, we've compiled a list of fascinating and useful tongue facts for you, as well as some tips for proper care.

The average tongue is four inches long. Your anterior tongue the front portion is about two-thirds of its total length. The posterior tongue sits near the back of your throat and makes up the other third. Your tongue has eight muscles.

Intrinsic muscles aren't attached to any bones and allow you to guide the tongue's tip and change its shape. The extrinsic muscles are attached to the bone and enable you to change your tongue's position. Together, these muscles allow your tongue the freedom of movement required to perform many of its most essential tasks.

You could have anywhere between 2, to upwards of 10, taste buds on your tongue with about receptor cells each. They are great at regenerating — the cells replace themselves every weeks.

What does a healthy and unhealthy tongue look like?

According to the University of Texas Health Science Centerdigestive enzymes in saliva dissolve food so they can be detected and perceived by your taste buds as five possible flavors: sweet, sour, bitter, salty, or savory. You also have taste receptors in your cheeks, palate, lips, and the back of your mouth. The tip of the tongue is the most sensitive part of your body, offering two benefits. First, it gives your tongue a "magnifying effect," making things feel larger than they are, helping you notice any unwanted items in your food, like a fishbone, a piece of dirt, or a hair.

After you swallow food, your tongue is better able to search the entire mouth for the remaining portions of the chewed pieces. According to an article published in the South African Dental Journalthe tongue is a digestive organ because of its abilities to aid in the chewing process masticationthe transference of food to your throat, and then its essential role in helping you swallow.

An excellent way for you to understand how your tongue helps you speak is to say something out loud while paying attention to what's happening inside your mouth. When you talk, you push air out of your lungs, through your throat, and then out of your mouth. Your vocal cords vibrate to create sound, and the movement of your tongue and lips change the airflow, forming the words you hopefully intend to communicate.

Even minimal changes in tongue placement can alter the sound you produce.

The defense cells of the tongue are collectively called the lingual tonsil. It's at the base of the tongue in the back of the mouth. Along with the palatine tonsils tissue in the rear of the throat and the adenoids a patch of tissue high up in the throatyour lingual tonsil helps defend your body against germs that may enter through your mouth.

According to an article published in the European Journal of Dentistrythe prevalence of bad breath halitosis if you want to get technical in the US general population is about 50 percent. The most common causes of these less-than-pleasant odors are eating certain foods, drinking alcohol, smoking habits, and poor dental hygiene.

The tongue itself can trap bacteria. How much depends on the individual and how well they care for their mouth. But when bacteria are allowed to flourish, the odor can be, well — odorous. Luckily there are plenty of things you can do to keep your tongue in good health and keep your breath minty fresh.

Learn how to clean your tongue and avoid bad breath. Be sure that you don't forget to brush your tongue when you brush at least twice a day.

Consider using other helpful products like an antimicrobial mouth rinse and tongue scrapers. And be sure to see your dental professional for regular appointments — not only to keep your teeth pearly white but to keep your tongue in good health, too. When you begin to take care of your tongue, you may realize how central it is — not only to your mouth but to your ability to live a healthy, vibrant, fulfilling life.

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Interesting facts about the human tongue

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What your tongue can tell you about your health

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