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This year, April 2 marks Equal Pay Daythe time a woman has to work into the new year to symbolically achieve the latina or black women pay a man earned the previous year. Working an additional four months to receive equal pay sounds absurd, but consider this reality: The orr, she says, is always on a Tuesday because that latina or black women approximately "how far into the week women work to catch up to men.

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Because non-Hispanic massage spa virginia beach men are the largest and most advantaged demographic group in the labor force, they are often used as a benchmark for the earnings of women of different races and ethnicities.

According to the National Women's Law Center, women of color account for 17 percent of the overall workforce, but make up 33 percent of some of the fastest-growing low-wage jobs like retail, fast food, personal care aides and home health aides. The disparity is even greater for African-American women, whose share of the latina or black women low-wage jobs is 2.

A poll by NPR found that one-third of Native Americans say they have experienced discrimination when looking for a latina or black women, getting a promotion or earning equal pay.

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A report shows that less than 1 percent of Silicon Valley tech leadership positions are held by Latinx women, and less than 0. Just 27 of the CEOs of the companies on lr Fortune are women.

Emily Martin, General Latina or black women and Vice President blak Education and Workplace Justice at the National Women's Law Centersays that in order for the pay gap to close for women of color, individuals in positions of power need to be aware of the role they play when it comes to enforcing workplace bias.

She says one solution to fixing the problem is for employers to not look at gender and latina or black women bias as two completely different issues.

Crooms-Robinson says that to truly underscore the urgency of the gap represented on Equal Pay Day, the occasion shouldn't be marked until November, which is the time that women of all races latina or black women have finally reached pay equity.

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To earn the same salaries as men, women have to ask for larger percentage raises—here's why. Octavia Spencer: Jessica Chastain helped me get 5 times the salary I asked.

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Work Tech, sales and medical jobs have the least competition for remote work openings Jennifer Liu. Success This year-old pays for college off amateur video game he made in high school Tom Huddleston Jr.

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Portra DigitalVision Getty Images. There are a lot of reasons why this gap remains, and there is certainly room for some of that to be discrimination.

VIDEO 3: Closing The Gap. Don't miss: To earn womrn same salaries as men, women have to ask for larger percentage raises—here's why Octavia Spencer: Jessica Chastain helped me get 5 times the salary I asked for Study: VIDEO 0: Here's what the average Latina or black women woman makes.

Why some women are losing out on $1 million over their careers - MarketWatch

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