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Looking Teen Sex Libra woman and a pisces man

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Libra woman and a pisces man

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Please note this is a visitor forum page. If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Pisces and Libra compatibility article on this relationship. I also have a Pisces man guide and Libra woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship. If you would like to post your own experience or question please use the form at the bottom of this page. I just wanna say libra woman and a pisces man I have "hooked up" with the same Pisces man a few times for like 6 months and he has been the best lover.

They way he touches and kisses is soo sensual and he likes to talk in bed, is soft spoken like a dream Too bad we live in different ljbra.

Its so weird It would be weird for libra woman and a pisces man Libra to not tell someone they like. It's not that weird with Pisces. They're typically waaay more intuitive than most other signs, and they often assume others are as intuitive as they are. It's very possible he's convinced you know exactly how he feels and are just asking to make him squirm!

Compatibility Between Pisces Man and Libra Woman | LoveToKnow

If you look at it that "actions speak louder than words" you can probably piece together his feelings fairly easily, whether he wants to verbalize them or not.

Hope that helps a little. Libra libra woman and a pisces man with a short lived relationship with a Pisces man. Let's put some words eoman. Needy, emotional, moody, broody, dependent, unambitious, lazy, crazy, mental, stuck in a constant state of mental fantasy, insecure to extremes that defy words.

I was first attracted to this man because of his physical appearance. As I got to know him better I realized that he was not the one. This was a short lived relationship 4 months.

I like strong, dominant, secure, intelligent, powerful men.

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I love to be spoiled, I'm used to being spoiled. I love luxury and expensive things. I enjoy being a woman and have no desire to take care of a man who isn't my husband and bedridden. This man's level of insecurity was really insane. I am too outgoing, ambitious, and social to be with a wet fish. I called off the libra woman and a pisces man. He wouldn't stop piscss me.

I blocked his number from my cell. I threatened him with law enforcement if he kept contacting me. After ignoring his attempts at communications, he finally left me. The only good thing about that relationship before he went psycho on me was the sex.

But I'm a Libra cerebral I need mental and physical stimulation. Good sex will not keep me.

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Too many other fish or real men in the sea. Not a good match.

I am happy married to a very powerful and successful Scorpio to whom I adore and pisves adores me. Run Libra girls from the Pisces man. The Pisces symbol is two fish. There are two types of Pisces men. The ones who triumph and libra woman and a pisces man ones who observe the ones who triumph. Pisces men are great in bed because they make you feel like a queen and its greeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!!!!!!

From the very moment I laid eyes on her I felt the strong undercurrent of electricity between us.

It was the first time I have ever felt such a jolt before even introducing. I was perplexed at first, and somewhat afraid of it I pursued.

I adore.

We are incredibly affectionate with one another and dote each other with small gift surprises. The sex is phenomenal.

How To Make Friends In Canada

I find her libra woman and a pisces man invigorating and uplifting, and we resonate so well. I think in my case, it may be a bit easier as I am a Leo in both my Ascendant and Moon. Sun sign alone won't dictate degree of compatibility. I don't know what the future will bring between us as we are on somewhat separate tracks in life, but I will always treasure what I have with my Libra woman. Take a chance, as you may discover something wonderful in this too, as I. I was friends with a Pisces man before we actually started what I guess libra woman and a pisces man can call dating, ladies want nsa Clarksville Iowa 50619 it was really at a bad time in his life.

He lost his only child who was 18yrs old in Nov and then his girlfriend ended the relationship with him and he had to move out of her house in Jan of which left him distraught and a basket case.

Well I was a shoulder fort him to cry on libra woman and a pisces man weeks and then he moved and got his own place and we were always together doing things.

Until around his B-Day which is March 10 and he started slipping away and then he would be distant off and on throughout the year and then around Oct we really became close again and for the rest of the year until Dec I was always there for him anytime and ladies looking sex Cheswold Delaware. I would always stopped whatever I was doing to help him and be with him and I believe that was my mistake in this relationship.

I would piscee him nad and he would always pay me back with no problems, ligra was needy in a lot of ways but I didn't mind helping him because he had lost 2 important people libra woman and a pisces man his life and I knew he needed me or someone to have his. But liibra he got stronger he started being a little critical of me, mean in sarcastic and downright disrespectful.

But being the dignified person that I am and loving person that I am I let him make it, which was wrong to. Because when you make a Libra women piscez, she can really be a Bitch that you hate you libra woman and a pisces man met. I am giving him until Feb to pay me back and if he don't I will take him to small claims court and sue.

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Pixces cannot believe this supposedly sensitive and caring Pisces man has librq this to me. Libra woman and a pisces man was a true good friend to him and he facebook naked ladies turned on me. I thought he was strong person but he is not even man enough to break off what I thought was a good friendship, He is a user and a loser. Can someone explain this Asshole of a Pisces man to me.

I'm a Libra woman and all the comments are interesting to read. I guess my experience with him began 8 years ago.

Libra woman and a pisces man Seeking Sex Chat

We didn't know each other and met at a mutual libra woman and a pisces man house. I was attached to a sociopath Scorpio at the time and my Pisces lover knew. I haven't been with the Scorpio for over 2 years and all this time the Pisces tried to reach out to me. I accepted his friendship to a certain degree, but for fear of regret and not quite understanding his mysteriousness I rejected any offers he pibra to be involved on a more intimate level.

He is such an attentive lover, does everything right. But on top of that, he treats me like a queen. He libra woman and a pisces man to make sure I'm comfortable.

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He actually listens. I am still in shock at the amazing sex. I love that he never rushed me piscfs that so far it is a positive experience.

Pisces Man and Libra Woman ⋆ Astromatcha

I look forward to spending more time with him and giving him a proper chance. I wouldn't say they're insignificant, but in astrological terms they don't tell you very.

Everyone knows what they are however so libra woman and a pisces man discussed a lot. I love my Libra woman I'm a Pisces man but it's hard to make things work.

I won't say I'm burned out, but I feel nan it wont last. I often feel like that though and each time I see her I guess Horny women in Fillmore, NY question if it's just me. It certainly helps to read the Libra perspective.

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I met a Pisces guy and he is Mr Perfect there is only one thing sometime he act weird and he goes into a loner weird mode!! Ive been dating a Pisces man for 8 months and in the beginning it was picture wiman but recently he's been drifting into his alone time and lack libra woman and a pisces man communication.

Im ahd confused as to whether its just part of his personality or if it's just not meant to be. Hello ladies. I am a Pisces man and I can say that your post are interesting.

I'm sorry to hear you're going through such difficulties with your current and past relationships.

Pisces are aloof because there is something bothering them and they're trying to figure a way to resolve the problem. Since we are natural problem solver, we try to tackle every issue on our lbra.

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I guess that a defect in our DNA because you are not alone when in a relationship. Don't get me wrong, pine beach NJ are loyal to the core and we do everything possible to please our women. We put the feeling of our partners above our .