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Marry bosnian muslim girl

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Lets rock each others world what do ya say. Bosnnian hope to hear from you soon. I'm wanting to get married and have a family. I'm marry bosnian muslim girl good shape good seeking. So I am hoping to meet good intentioned married girl friends.

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A thirty-six year old woman from Sarajevo, who has two children from her first marriage, told BIRN bosnisn how she married an Arab, to become his second wife.

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She says her new husband, who is 51, originally came to Bosnia for business, to open a small company in Sarajevo. They met, the woman recalls, when he came to her place of work.

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She says they joked and she noticed him looking at. After a while, a mutual friend who is already married to an Arab introduced.

Bosnian women quickly climb the popularity ranks of European brides, so hurry up before the best ones are gone! Here is everything you need to know about. Sarajevo Mufti Enes Ljevakovic, says the Islamic Community has no exact data on Arab men marrying Bosnian women as their second or third. Find Bosnians interested in getting married on LoveHabibi. Browse Bosnian Marriage & Matrimonials Bosnian / Muslim (sunni) . Looking for a lovely lady.

This marry bosnian muslim girl explained that the man was looking for a Bosnian wife, to help her if he. She says it took her about two months to familiarize herself with his way of life and habits over the phone and through video messages.

Are you a Muslim man looking for Bosnian single women for marriage? Heck, maybe you're Christian. But then I have to warn you. It's way. Sarajevo Mufti Enes Ljevakovic, says the Islamic Community has no exact data on Arab men marrying Bosnian women as their second or third. A girl walks past the grave of Admira Ismic and Bosko Brkic, a Muslim-Serb couple buried together after being killed in no-man's land in wartime.

Her father gave his consent to their marriage, so marry bosnian muslim girl got married in Sarajevo. The story from the woman from Sarajevo represents a new trend in which Bosnian women, usually with the consent of fathers or brothers, marry businessmen from Arab countries who are marry bosnian muslim girl coming to Bosnia, either for business or for holidays which they spend in apartments or houses they rent or buy.

Most of these men already have firl or more wives, which is allowed by the Islamic Sharia law that is respected in these countries.

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Bosnian brides usually remain living in the country and muslin waiting for their husbands to visit. She explained that this group of about 20 women, who have Arab husbands, prays together and meets regularly.

In case an Imam would eventually perform such a ceremony, a disciplinary procedure would be initiated against him, because he would be violating the procedures applied within the Marry bosnian muslim girl Community. Sharia wedding in Bosnia and Herzegovina is allowed but only symbolically and after the couple is married in accordance with the Family Law.

According to that law, polygamy is not allowed, i.

Also, Sharia wedding alone is not legally recognized. Sarajevo Mufti Enes Ljevakovic, says the Islamic Community has no exact data on Arab men marrying Bosnian women as their second or third wives.

Marry bosnian muslim girl

Yet according to the woman from Sarajevo, this does not prevent women from marrying Arab men. She said that she loves her husband, but admitted that his financial support to her was also a factor in the marriage.

According to her, the Arabs meet potential wives through friends and others who have already found a match. She added marry bosnian muslim girl Arab men most often marry religious women, but stressed that her husband did not request her to wear a Niqab a part of Hijab that covers face or head like the one worn by women in Arab countries.

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Attorney Esad Hrvacic explains that nobody has the right to practice polygamy on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The woman from Sarajevo says that, when she accepted to marry the Arab man, she was aware bosbian the fact that her husband would not be with her every day. She explains he visits Bosnia and Marry bosnian muslim girl almost every month, depending on the amount of work he marry bosnian muslim girl to deal with in his own country or in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We speak to each other and communicate via video calls every day. She explains that the age difference between women and their Arab husbands varies from two to 20 years.

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A Bosnian woman, who married a man from Kuwait at the age of 23, thus becoming his second gay bar cleveland, has a similar faith. The year old woman refused to reveal the name of her hometown because marry bosnian muslim girl disapproval of her fellow citizens. As she said, an Imam whose identity she does not want to disclose conducted the wedding ceremony of this woman and her new husband.

We saw each other often and then he asked for my hand. Now, my husband comes monthly… We talk every day. I have a daughter from my first marriage and I knew going in that he had another wife. This is not a problem.

The woman from Sarajevo stressed that women who want to marry Arab men have to accept the gay hot black sex that their husbands will not be here all the time, because they are married and have children and jobs in their countries.

When she got married to an Arab, the woman from Sarajevo got a Mahr property or certain amount marry bosnian muslim girl money given by husband in case of divorce.

She says she is mualim worried that he could one day just stop coming back to her, since marry bosnian muslim girl has proved to be an honourable man and she knows him.

Besides that, she points out that he gives her a certain amount of money each month musslim support her family and cover other costs as. After an influx of tourists marry bosnian muslim girl investors from Gulf countries in recent years, Bosnia faces a new issue - Arab men marrying local women as second or third wives, who remain in the country waiting for their husbands' occasional visits.

Marry bosnian muslim girl

She claims most of the women in her group marry bosnian muslim girl have Arab husbands married for both reasons. Sharing a husband The woman from Sarajevo says that, when she accepted to marry the Arab man, she was aware of the virl that her husband would not be with her every day.

Bosnia and Herzegovina. Follow us. Published by BIRN.