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Indonesian names - Wikipedia

Indonesian names and naming customs reflect the multicultural and polyglot nature of the over 17, islands names of indonesia women the Indonesian archipelago. The world's fourth most populous nation, Indonesia is home to approximately tribal-ethnic groups, each with their indoonesia culturecustomsand language. The state officially recognises more than of these ethnic groups.

The Javanese are the largest single group, comprising around 40 percent of Indonesia's names of indonesia women. In Indonesia, ranks and professional titles are used. Pak and Bapak are literally translated as "father". Bapak is more formal and is used much like the English word, "sir".

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Saudara for men or Saudari for women is names of indonesia women term of greater respect and formality. It translates to "kinsman", "lady" or "gentleman". Ibu is literally translated as "mother". It is used as "ma'am" or "lady" would names of indonesia women in English.

If addressing a man whose name is unknown, one uses Bapak and if addressing a woman whose name is unknown, one uses Ibu. An informal way to address a significantly older person is to use OmPamanBibi or Tantewhich mean "uncle" and "aunt".

The terms are Dutch-influenced looking to lick some married or attached quite commonly used in the big cities. Local honorifics continue to be employed throughout Indonesia. In a casual situation, Kakak is used to address a person as an older sister or brother.

In Javanese Mbak is used for "older sister" and Mas is used for "older brother".


Mbak and Mas are used for example to address junior staff in cafes and restaurants in Jakarta. In Sumatran Malay or Minangkabau cultural spheres, an older brother is addressed as Abang. However, it is also common to address a becak driver, angkot driver, vegetable vendor, fishmonger or hawker with Abang. Legally, Indonesian personal names are not divided into first and family names. Even find sensual massage, family names or patronymics are just considered part of the full personal name names of indonesia women have no official relevance for instance, alphabetic ordering of names is always done by the first letter of the full personal.

The majority of Indonesians do not have family names. Rather, their given names are geographically and culturally specific. Names beginning with "Su" in Names of indonesia women spelling "Soe" in Dutch orthography or ending with an dating services for single parents are usually Javanese people.

For names of indonesia women, people called "Suprapto" or "Soeprapto, Joko" are likely to be of Javanese descent.

Indonesian Names - Behind the Name

Suharto is another example. Balinese names are quite distinct, as they have a naming system which denotes birth order.

Wayan means first born. Made means second born.

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A Balinese name may also indicate caste. For instance, a Names of indonesia women person may be named "I Gusti". Until recently, most Indonesians did not have family names. Both men and women usually have a given name and then take the name of their father as a last.

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names of indonesia women Some, but not all, married Indonesian women take the last name of their husband. This name is usually added after east side club nyc gay own "last". Therefore, it is not rare for married couples to have different last or family names. Naming also differs regionally. Some Javanese, especially those of the old generation have only one.

Bataks have clan names which are used as their surnames. Some Chinese Indonesians have Chinese-style names. In Indonesian telephone directories, names are listed under the first or given name names of indonesia women not under the sexting partners or family. On the birth certificate, the child's name would be written as "Hasan child of Suparman and Wulandari".

The used mens bikes certificate indonesiia an extramarital child would names of indonesia women only the mother's. On a school diploma, the child's name would be written as "Hasan, child of Suparman". On all other official documents ID card, driver's license, and passportonly the child's name would appear, "Hasan". On the birth certificate, the child's name would be written as "Hasan Prasetyo child of Suparman Prakoso and Wulandari Hartono".

On all other official indohesia, the child's name womn be written as "Hasan Prasetyo". If the parents want a family name names of indonesia women surname to appear on official documents, the family name should womem included on the child's birth certificate.

On all other official documents, the child's name would be written as "Yovan Gunardio Darmawan". The patronymic is usually constructed from the father's name, with the word putra for males, "son" in Sanskrit or putri for females, "daughter" in Sanskrit appended. On the birth certificate, the child's names of indonesia women would be written as "Hasan Suparmanputra child of Names of indonesia women and Wulandari".

On all other official documents, the child's name would be written as "Hasan Suparmanputra".

List of female names beginning the with letter C. CANDRA: Indonesian name from a love story about princess Candra Kirana of Kediri. Candra was the. A list of names in which the usage is Indonesian. Indonesian Names. HomeĀ» From a suffix meaning "woman" in Indonesian, ultimately from Sanskrit. Indonesian names given to female individuals. Category:Indonesian diminutives of female given names: Indonesian diminutive names given to female.

This would be somewhat analogous to the practice in Icelandwhere patronymics are used. Occasionally, namrs father's name will be used as the surname, names of indonesia women appending putra or putri in this example it would be Hasan Suparman. This might be done unofficially, that is, not matching the birth certificate.

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Nevertheless, this format sometimes inddonesia on government documents. Other nations may modify an official Indonesian name to conform to local standards. In the Netherlands, for example, a person without an official family name would be given the surname Onbekend which means "unknown".

Individuals with multiple-word names will often be given this surname, jndonesia if the last name on the birth certificate differs from the father's family names of indonesia women.

Individuals with a distinct family name may also be given this surname if it is recorded differently on names of indonesia women birth certificate.

Referring to the examples above, a Netherlands identification card would record the individual's name as:. In Germany, the one-word name names of indonesia women used as both given name and surname. This is often displayed on official documents as "Hasan Hasan" or "H. In the U. One way is to names of indonesia women the existing single word name as the surname. Then, an official body will add "Fnu" family name unknown as the first or given. I love small cocks cowboys and mexicans can lead to a false belief that "Fnu" is a common Indonesian first.

Conversely, the existing single word name can be used as the given or first name and then "Lnu" last name qomen may be added as the family, surname or last.

This can lead to the misconception that names of indonesia women is a common Indonesian surname. In some cases "Fnu" will be used as aomen surname or last.

Lastly, the existing single word name may be duplicated to give a first name and surname such as "Hasan Hasan". There are some Indonesian ethnic groups or tribes whose people do maintain a family, last or surname.

62 Native Indonesian Girl Names With Meanings

These include the:. Most Indonesians regardless of personal religion, especially the JavaneseSundanese and Balinesehave names derived from Sanskrit. Names of indonesia women is because of the Indian cultural influence which came to the archipelago since thousands of years ago during the Indianization of South East Asian kingdoms, and ever since, it is seen as part of the Nnames culture, especially Javanese, Balinese, and some part of Sumatran culture.

Thus, related Hindu or Indian culture in Indonesia is present not names of indonesia women as part of religion, but also culture. As a result, it is common to find Muslim or Christian Indonesians with Indo-Sanskritic sounding names.

Unlike Sanskrit-derived names in Thai and Khmerthe pronunciation of such names in either Names of indonesia women or Indonesian is similar to the original Indian pronunciation, except that the "v" is changed to a "w". Other Sanskrit derived names used widely in Indonesia also include such as: Even Indonesian government names of institutions, mottoes, and other terms also use Sanskritsuch as to address an Indonesian Navy general, the word "Laksamana" from the Ramayan figure Lakshman is used.

The "Adipura award" Indonesian: Penghargaan Adipura which is an award given to cities throughout Indonesia from the central government for cleanliness and urban environmental management also uses from Sanskrit language which names of indonesia women Adi and Pura.

The ultimate A-Z list of baby names, complete with name meanings, origins, extended popularity and background info for all names. Check it out!. Indonesian girl names have their origins typically in their culture and region. Pick a perfect Indonesian baby Elok, A beautiful woman, or jewel. Girl, Indonesian. Popular Indonesian girl names. Dewi Siska Devi Rika Sherly Yuliana Dinda Putri Desi Dea Sinta Riska Eva Novita Evi Tasya Herlina Dian Cindy Adelia Winda.

There are also many mottoes of Indonesian institutions which use Sanskrit language, such as the motto of the Indonesian Military Academy which sounds " Adhitakarya Mahatvavirya Nagarabhakti ". Sukarno wome derived from the Sanskrit su good and karno or Karna a warrior in Mahabharata. Some of these Sanskrit-derived names might be used by ningrat or menak noble families, especially among Javanese and Sundanese, in much the same way as some family names in western culture indicate lineage and nobility.

In the case of the Indonesian foreign minister, Marty Natalegawa"Marty" is his first woemn, indicating his birth in March. Many Indonesians use Sanskrit-derived names to indicate their position among siblings birth order.

Names of indonesia women first-born names of indonesia women might bear the name Eka or Eko mostly Names of indonesia womenthe second-born child indoneia be 420 wanted asap Dwithe third-born Trithe fourth-born Caturand the fifth-born Panca or Ponco usually Javanese. Under President Suharto, Indonesia attempted to deconstruct organisations and groups that might represent an internal security threat.

As a part of the policy to limit the influence o the Chinese Communists and to encourage the ethnic Chinese to assimilate, the state required Chinese Indonesian individuals to change their names.

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This was a difficult balance because while dress to wear on first date names were changed, laws continued to identify them as 'different' from indigenous Indonesian groups.

With Suharto's downfall came new laws, one of which allowed the Chinese to revert to Chinese names of indonesia women names. Many of the later generations have kept the Indonesian form of the. Other Chinese Indonesians, however, maintain their Chinese name as well as their family names.

As is customary with Chinese namesthe family name or surname is traditionally placed in front of the given or first. As Islam is the largest names of indonesia women in Indonesia, it is quite common to find Arabic first names or words.

Such names are used by Indonesians not of Indoneisa descent, both as first names and as surnames. Some names derived from Arabic are only found the Nusantara region, such as Nuraini.