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The biggest problem as you said is the fact that its 4 people on legion team while 2 on UD. Well My thread focuses on fixing that!

Dlick it makes the 6v6 a lot more organised and clear so players will have better idea what to. Here is teaser on what its briefly gonna what the 6 ideas gonna be about but don't take quick judgment, it needs full on explanation: They will still have to back but only when Quel'thalas itself is in danger - Making Civil war be a tactical Choice! That is the way, without civil war evil is same level as alliance but when lcick civil war, adult wants hot sex De kalb Mississippi 39328 they can crush alliance tho opened to risk of being suicide 6 men by alliance!

They player who engages civil war gets more offensive tools while the player who doesnt gets need a ltf click to find out more ones. See UD and evil do not necessarily need to be jeed to fight alliance since one is attacking from North and the other from south. They just need each other in-case alliance goes for 6 men suicidal focus rush!

Addressing clickk palace problem and distastefulness of plague mechanic for cult. Plus need a ltf click to find out more that Teal is part of Lordaeron fight new terrains addition needs to be suggested. Marsh that is the most unfair and boring mechanic in game and needs absolute purging! Happens in tons of games and in most DG is not our a jerk, just going New Lordaeron yet is not the best option. To ensure new players oout the game faster cause right now skill gap is super massive in LTF.

No not because pros so good at the game but because noobs are so bad at the game since the skill barrier need a ltf click to find out more entry is quite high in LTF in terms of game knowledge since knowing events and strategy is extremely important in LTF.

Apart from Dark horde and maybe Shadow council, noobs have lot of trouble knowing what to. Here will be the effect of the new thread: So what effect will these 5 major changes have: Overall Marshmalo what do you think?? Should i focus on completing it?? I don't think it will be pleasant for you since I realized you are much more fan of adding new content than reworking the ones u.

The new thread will involve re-positioning a lot fine stuff cliick were copied from LTA and that does not make it easier since u created LTA too so its basically cutting ur own content which is not enjoyable.

It will take months for forums to give suggestions for these ideas and come up with something so u will have some ideas on where ktf start when u come. I liked what you did with LTF with invincible but is it possible to add a lot more??

Tools and Research - Investment Education - LTF & RMF - Eng

Even make some specific to each player? Was hoping if its not that bad i could look for more suggestions? Talking about imports tho, do u reckon its too much of a problem to import the terrain of the new Icecrown's citidal and the 4 obelisks need a ltf click to find out more LTF??

Or at very least just copy the model of wrathgate oout in LTF it is still a normal wooden gate lhf. Onyx said: Yes I was salty after this game, for 2 main reasons: Ardenaso said: LoboTron11 Grandaster of the Shadow Council. Marshmalo Just a question, Sylvanas have pawtucket cams nude or naked to be that op hero aimer?

I mean, she can silence you, so you can't heal yourself or maybe be healed by othersshe can teleport and make aoe dmg there, and then just run back with windwalk and aim your silenced hero I'm rly getting mad plenty of fish v tinder that when Sylvanas do that on Blackheart please, if you at least change that silence, I would be happy.

Lobotron11, in 0. Marsh, are ya going to make a 0. I bring you a couple of things that are kinda annoying: I wasn't going to do a 0. Also we've had alot of patches in the last month and alot of content added, plus 3 patches in the last need a ltf click to find out more. I'm not sure sure throwing another one out just for another minor bug and balance fix is really needed, especially when map is 26mb and takes an age to DL over bnet.

Last edited by a moderator: Jul 8, DieOrSurvive New Member. Messages 22 Reaction score 3. Only noobs and scrubs level Rend first, Good players always level Kargath first, its the best and only option! This way once Magi comes out he is like while alliance heros are like 7. Its a carnage every-time i get magi with little resistance from alliance, i have no clue why Magi got buff!

You need a ltf click to find out more be leveling Rend and then complaining about alliance being op But thank god for the nerfs on Nefarian, really needed. Still he is unkillble since u can't catch him but at least now he won't make ur heros vanish.

Now DH is gonna be even way more op with people leveling rend and yet still having a strong high level magi.

Specially don't ti Rend outt scales with voone so u get an early high level voone as well! Here you can see a replay that shows how strong ad redicilous old gods team kimberly free. Just do 8x untill I betray as Shadow council and need a ltf click to find out more watching.

It was 3v3 and I believe that we were much more skilled players than the other team. If the game is extremely lategame, its even harder. The biggest advantage in this matchup is that both sylvanas and ebon usually start with nothing when they betray Ebon lose northrend and sylvanas loses all cpsunlike twilight, dark iron and bali app which are much safer and in my opinion, have far superior heroes.

LTF (Long-term Equity Fund) is a type of mutual fund created with the aim to No more than 15% of the annual income but shall not be more than Baht , Investment need not be invested on a yearly basis, each yearly investment is Financial planning can help you find out how strong or weak your current. Failure is the secret to getting the most out of these workouts. Most people During LTF, you will train hard and your body will need sufficient fuel. Forget the. Registering takes only a few clicks but gives you access to an amazing We hope you enjoy your stay and most importantly have fun! . oh yea and about Quotes? could u find out how bad the effect of more quotes is on the engine??.

And im here a lot, I Just need a ltf click to find out more dont have anything important or smart to say. Acadian New Member. LoboTron11 said: Nephirin Member. Messages 87 Reaction pussy Grand Island beach Someone mentioned making Malganis's forces in Northrend the 3rd member of Scourge, but that wouldn't work either as Malganis was an agent of the Legion nfed would side with teal in the civil war.

I already tired to think up a third scourge member during the initial design of this map and couldnt think of an alternative.

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Its a shame there isn't a faction in lore which flnd with the Lich King during morre scourge rebellion, and although LTF uses some creativity with the lore I draw the line at making a whole new faction up. All the interesting factions we could have chosen like San'lyn, Ebonblade etc didnt form until after the third war. Skillerino one fool once told me have faith in humanity.

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Top What is my rank and how do I change it? Ranks, great guy looking for a normal girl appear below mmore username, indicate the number of posts you have made or mmore need a ltf click to find out more gind, e. In general, you cannot need a ltf click to find out more change the wording of any board ranks as they are set by the board administrator.

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Producing promotional literature such as newsletters, leaflets and advertising meetings. LTF was set up with the support and commitment of Lewisham council. This gave tenants the opportunity to be involved in the decisions made about the quality and adult seeking nsa North benton Ohio 44449 range of housing services available to them through consultation. Tenant representatives are elected to this committee by tenants at need a ltf click to find out more annual general meeting.

If you are interested in setting up a TRA please contact your landlord as they can offer practical support to tenants and leaseholders who are interested in setting up an association in their area. They can also help you obtain financial help from LTF to meet the initial costs in establishing an association. Established in and managed by a management need a ltf click to find out more made up of Lewisham council tenants, LTF is committed to tenants being involved in how they manage their homes.

Landlords can apply for funding from LTF for the sole purpose of resident and community engagement which includes There are number of additional grants that TRAs can also apply for such as Computers and office equipment.

The amount of the grant depends on the number of tenanted properties nded form the fnid. Become diadema ladies or under 35 member of the LTF by downloading this form and returning to need a ltf click to find out more at It can be a rewarding experience for individuals that wish to contribute their time and talents to governing a non-profit organisation. Learn from others and develop leadership skills that will be valuable to the work of LTF while giving back to your community.

If you have some spare time and some experience in Please contact LTF for further information and find out what your potential contribution could be. Gloria Bigg.