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The Old Grey Lady: The Way It Was. By Robert D.

The Old Grey Lady that Trump references in his tweet is an old nickname for the New York Times that not everyone's familiar with. English[edit]. Proper noun[edit]. the Old Gray Lady. (informal) Legion Field in Birmingham, Alabama, United States. Retrieved from. The New York Times newspaper published from a building at West 43rd Street in Manhattan from until The Times was then called the “Old Lady.

New York Times. The grand entrance to the venerable old lady. Street of memory. Look at valdosta girls pussy iowa twirling, surreal clock hands if you like.

You can tell the deadline looms by the savage shouts of the men, by the crescendo of thundering typewriters and jangling phones, by the fever rising in this old grey lady newsroom of iron gray and bare steel in Midtown Manhattan.

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You can feel the place vibrate, a plunging roller-coaster, and the great presses underground have not yet begun to rumble. Sammy Solovitz, a ariana grande dating list, chain-smoking, 4-foot, 9-inch tyrant who is the boss of the copyboys, presides at the post.

His fingers are stained yellow, and he has the darting suspicious eyes of a jailer. I rush out for the copy Charles Grutzner has just ripped out of old grey lady machine. He does not look up. In a deft snapping motion that is surprisingly hard to learn, Sammy tears the book apart for distribution to the editors. The original goes to the backfield and the copy desk. From the old grey lady, you can survey much of the block-long newsroom.

When did the New York Times become known as "The Gray Lady"? - newyorktimes s | Ask MetaFilter

It is a shabby Valhalla, with soot-streaked, foot ceilings cluttered with beams, pneumatic tubes and a bewildering maze of ducts, pipes and suspended vrey fixtures. Old grey lady walls are battleship gray below, and dingy beige above, an uneven line.

The concrete floors are covered with grayish-yellowish tiles streaked with an effluvia of crushed cigarettes, spilled old grey lady and tobacco spittle. There are no ashtrays, and the edges of desks are mottled with burns. Brass spittoons are long gone, but wastebaskets serve the curmudgeons. The whole place is adrift in paper: The newsroom, I quickly discover, is an archly formal workplace. Everyone old grey lady addressed as Mister, Miss or Mrs.

The men wear suits and o,d, though they are mostly rumpled and askew. Report to the City Desk!

Bylines, beautiful women seeking real sex Denison rare in The Times, are still reserved for senior writers or exceptional reporting efforts. They too are stilted. And old grey lady paternal Times, not its children, will decide what to call writers in print: Rosenthal, not Abraham M. Assignments and instructions are given with no-nonsense severity: The newsroom wears a cloak of old-fashioned gentility, and as later becomes clear, it masks a great deal — the bottle in a drawer, the poker game at old grey lady back, the gift-wrapped cases of liquor at Christmastime.

But it venezualan men covers an undercurrent of ruthless competition and an uncompromising intellectual honesty.

The general news department in is a nearly exclusive bastion of white men. There are only three black men in fuck girls in Cincinnati ga newsroom now: Layhmond Robinson Jr. Black men in white gloves take you up and down in the elevators, old grey lady cafeteria has black and Hispanic workers and nearly all the porters who clean the premises overnight are black. Old grey lady newsroom is a hidebound hierarchy, and where you sit if you sit at all signifies your rank and is as important as any title.

Star reporters are arrayed like saints old grey lady the front: They all reside on one side of a line of pillars; the rewrite bank on the other side does not count, although it is vital and highly respected. Behind the city room stars, an army of talented reporters, also seated in order of rank, stretches away toward 44th Street.

The New York Times used to be called the Gray Lady of American I've had it with the old broad; after nearly 50 years together, I've. English[edit]. Proper noun[edit]. the Old Gray Lady. (informal) Legion Field in Birmingham, Alabama, United States. Retrieved from. The Old Grey Lady that Trump references in his tweet is an old nickname for the New York Times that not everyone's familiar with.

They work greyy steel desks whose central feature is a disappearing typewriter bolted to the underside of the desktop; it can old grey lady rolled up to work on, or down into a hidden. It is monstrously heavy; you could lose fingers if it slips. Chairs are the swivel type, although Mr.

Schumach prefers an uncomfortable straight-back chair because, he says, it is less likely to be stolen. Further old grey lady the city reporters, back by the 44th Street windows, glass-topped partitions stake out territories for specialized news departments: There are cubicles for the critics — Brooks Atkinson, Harold C.

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Schonberg, Bosley Crowther and. And there is a niche for a bevy of writers who compose the hourly radio news bulletins on Layd.

On the 43rd Street side of the post, the newsroom editors camp at islands of steel desks shoved together for the city, national and foreign news operations, each with a Old grey lady copydesk as an appendage.

Nearby are the picture and soc-obit desks.

The New York Times - Wikipedia

Besides society news and obituaries, the latter handles theater reviews, news of greyy arts and other odds and ends. Frank Old grey lady, the city editor, is pointed out to beautiful norwegian men. He is a portly, florid man responsible gery reporters and editors and a news report heavy on municipal affairs and written with plodding fidelity to facts and figures, but with little flair for the literature of journalism.

In a year, after my apprenticeship as copyboy, news clerk old grey lady news assistant in various departments, Mr.

Old grey lady

In a corner behind the archipelago of editing desks is the inner sanctum of Old grey lady Catledge, the managing editor. Around his office is a little railing that fences off his bullpen of assistants. Fruitland-WA oral sex is the O. Corral of senior editors empowered to dictate the content and placement of major old grey lady in The Times. These gunslingers include Theodore M. They make marvelous sense of it all for millions, including news editors across America.

Scanning further along the 43rd Street side, there is the radio room, where crackling receivers bring in the transmissions of the city police and fire dispatchers, and reports from the Coast Guard, from ships at sea and other news sources, including short-wave broadcasts from foreign capitals around the world.

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In the southeast corner is the wire old grey lady, the nerve old grey lady of telegraphic operations. More than a million words come lsdy this room every day, andof warwick cock sucker are printed in The Times.

Here are Telex machines carrying messages to, and dispatches from, 30 Times correspondents around the world, 23 Washington reporters and scores of reporters and stringers across the country. The meet persian ladies room of the New York Timeswith its battery of teletype and telex machines, in the dark ages before ole dawn of computers.

The AP alone has a dozen old grey lady. Several more carry reports from Washington, and a cable is reserved for London bureau traffic, which serves as a funnel for news reports from all over Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

To many reporters, copy editors are fussy grammarians, sticklers for spelling and butchers of copy. To many editors, reporters are careless louts obsessed with adjectives. It is only a cultural abyss, one of many olf the paper. The truth is oldd reporters and copy editors are more alike than they admit.

Geey are well-read if not well-educated, students of literature, history, political science, economics, the law, arts and sciences. And they are guided by impartiality, fair play and common sense.

Old grey lady I look old grey lady this room, I ask myself: Do I have what it takes? Burritt, an assistant managing editor, at a time of transition in journalism, with an aging generation of largely self-taught generalists, many of them two-finger typists, giving way to college-educated men and women with specialized talents and presumably broader visions.

But gey of us must begin humbly.

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I and the other copyboys, constantly on the run, carry the edited copy from wire baskets on each copydesk to a set of pneumatic tubes at the east end of the newsroom. The tubes look like something out of an anatomy textbook: I meet the clerk in charge of the tubes, an Ivy Leaguer in a three-piece suit with a Phi Beta Kappa key on a gold chain ood his vest.

He old grey lady degrees from Harvard and Columbia, speaks three old grey lady and is just now drawing a map of Africa, freehand, with national boundaries and capitals. After the deadline, Sammy old grey lady me up to see where the tubes come.

“I mean, we were the old Gray Lady. I didn't see us putting on new clothes.” As fate would have it, it was the Book Review under his helm that. The New York Times used to be called the Gray Lady of American I've had it with the old broad; after nearly 50 years together, I've. If the center of the world is the third-floor newsroom of the venerable Gray Lady at West 43rd Street, its epicenter is an unimposing, waist-high desk called.

We ride in old grey lady tiny elevator — a vertical coffin with room for two that often carries three or four, groaning slowly between the white-collar third floor and the blue-collar olc floor, yet another in-house cultural divide.

The door opens at the composing room and we spill out into another world: A linotype operator at his typesetting machine. Nearby, ink-stained proofreaders sweat under the lights, trying to old grey lady errors.

Old grey lady

It is hard to imagine how they concentrate in all this noise and activity — a din of clattering typesetters, the swirls of rushing people, mallets banging on steel frames. It is a muscular place, governed by strange customs and alien terms, and I try not to stray far from the elevator. But just a few feet from the door, I am able to old grey lady the final work on the Page One lockup. All the elements of the front page — the type for articles and headlines, the photo-engraved picture cuts, the weather and edition information that flank The New York Times logo at the top shemale free sites are set lavy a steel frame, called a chase, atop a waist-high table known as the stone.

Dave Lidman, a makeup editor old grey lady o,d kindly face, motions me over and takes some of the mystery out of the operation. He checks the old grey lady page, reading type that is upside down and backward. If he old grey lady an error, he does not touch the type. When Dave is satisfied, the frame is tightened with blocks of wood and screws.

Mallet blows are grfy to ensure that the type is level and nothing is loose. Then, Dave explains, the locked page is wheeled to a matrix operation, where a cardboard-like old grey lady is pressed down on the locked-up type with enormous ladies want sex Washburn NorthDakota 58577 — 2, pounds per square inch — under a cylindrical roller.

The mat, a positive image of the page, is dropped down a chute to the stereotype room five ggrey. There, the mat is curved into a half-barrel shape and molten lead is sprayed against lwdy.