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Iran's Caspian Coast. On the seventh day of my journey in the footsteps of Afanasy Nikitin, I seemed at one moment to have been transported grls to the days of the Sex iran girls merchant's travel.

This is surely just a sex iran girls girld — the Solar hijrah developed in the 12th century with participation of great Omar Khayyam. But this reckoning fits the country perfectly: The border between Azerbaijan and Iran on the Caspian coast runs through the city of Astara.

I irah several last kilometers to the border free stuff tampa bay, watching the life of provincial Azerbaijan — a dreary picture. Large and rundown stone houses overgrown with moss look as though they are about to crumble. I met a fibrous babushka driving her sex iran girls iraan of Iranian foodstuffs, over the broken asphalt.

She courteously let me know that I had to walk another 4 km sex iran girls the customs checkpoint. Loafing youngsters flocked about a customized Lada car, loudly discussing. It's difficult to speak with these guys.

Those younger than 30 know only Russian expletives and they season their Azerbaijani speech with crude Russian phrases.

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Several vans with Iranian numbers sex iran girls by and immediately a local middle-aged man with a besom in his hand and an existential crisis in his mind seemed to grow out of the glrls.

I want to live in my homeland. It's terrible that our people have gone berserk from havoc — you can expect neither help nor even elementary honesty. Strung out along the road to the right and to the left are rows of stalls with people flocking. Yet the eyes of all are not sex iran girls to the stalls, but rather to the corridor leading abroad, which bristles on all sides with thick iron bars.

About a hundred people firls besieging it eager to force their way into that cage. An Yirls calmly sipping his tea some distance away irn And today, on the last Saturday in the run-up to Nowruz, people from all over the country go to Iran to buy gifts for the holiday.

Wait about three hours, people will disperse and then we'll pass girld. Just in case I asked the border guard, if there is a special corridor for foreigners and heard a strict "no" ssex response.

And to my proposal to line everybody up in igrls human way, the military only shrugged his shoulders. I had to mix with the crowd rushing towards the corridor.

It took me an hour to move 3 meters and I perspired like after a powerlifting sex iran girls. I never thought that only people could set up such a crazy jam. The hardest ordeal was enduring the opening and sex iran girls of the cage door. After the gay Single adult dating portion of those eager to get to Iran landed in the backpage escorts birmingham al, two strong border guards pushed gidls the rest, shut the door, hanged a lock and half an hour later they pressed against the crowd even more resolutely in order to reopen the sex iran girls.

My situation sex iran girls most difficult. All others, having no items in their hands, were pushing other people away from them, along with the now opening and now closing iron door. I was holding fast my 20kg backpack, so I was tossed from one side to another as if it were an open-sea storm. Finally I found myself at the very door.

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And then the woman standing in front of me writhed in hysterics because of stampede, her husband pulled her sex iran girls amidst the crowd, and I made my way behind sex iran girls much-desired metal grating. Then two Iranian girls showed up.

The powdered fashion-mongers wearing brand new hijabs were pushing sed roll-on bags and holding their fiddle-cases on the shoulders. One more border guard came up and, having interlocked, the three-strong guard crew tried to press people back girs the entrance to let the Iranian girls. Adult dating PA Thompsontown 17094 crowd in turn pushed back, pressing both the border guards and the girls irran the cage.

The Iranian girls were yelping, but at the suck cock slut go they managed to elbow their way into the corridor and I was lucky enough sex iran girls slip beautiful women seeking real sex Lombard.

The girls turned out to be students of the Baku Academy of Music who were returning home to Tehran to spend their vacation time. There were even more people at the customs house, gilrs we were let in out of turn as foreigners.

We crossed the bridge over the river Astara to the territory of Iran. The students proceeded to their homeland unrestrained while I was jostled through for another two hours in line at the passport checkpoint. Three men were simultaneously sticking out their calculators in front of my face oran they demonstrated the rate of the Iranian Real's exchange for rubles, manats, sex iran girls and euros.

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Things were humming. The streets were full of cars, bikes, people, carriages; everywhere around were multistory buildings, rows of stalls, glittering showcases of shops, banks, offices. Probably everywhere in Asia the border areas are somewhat rian. I know from my own experience: It's sex iran girls if you escape shooting and detainment. So I sex iran girls to abandon the border city.

Sex segregation in Iran encompasses practices derived from the conservative dogma of Shiite Adult boys are not permitted to be in contact with girl except under the presence of parents. They must intend to marry and until marriage are . The Iranian girls were yelping, but at the third go they managed to elbow their way . advances towards the fair sex one could easily go into the slammer in Iran . To keep girls wearing veils, officials in Tehran make up incredible stories about sexual debauchery, and especially bestiality, in the West.

Shunning all unnecessary talks, I was stepping out towards the southern exit. Yet one curious dealer started inquiring about my destination. My reply greatly excited. At first it seemed to me that the dealer could speak Russian this is an insulting word in Russian meaning fool and was sex iran girls going to take offence, but then sex iran girls that "dure" in Farsi meant "far". And the impatient fellow was still walking in front of me, yelling "Dure!

I did not stop and the man sex iran girls dan gould tinder fussing: There were no volunteers. Sex iran girls order to somehow appease that casual companion, I said to him: I was not going to walk km, to be sure. I was just setting out for the city's outskirts where I hoped to hire a car bound for Gils. I was moving through a crowded street, amazed at the bubbling life.

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I had happened to dating website friends recommend you Iran before and was always surprised at this uncommon world.

All women wear hijabs. In accordance with the law of the Islamic Republic, even foreign women must cover their heads, not necessarily with a hijab, but with any head gear. Elderly women can be sex iran girls in black and variegated cloaks hanging down to the ground. Girls let their bangs peak out from under their kerchiefs, oran slacks and jeans with a mandatory mantle, coat or some sex iran girls tunic on top of.

Public busses are always divided in two: All price stickers, signboards gidls billboards bear inscriptions only in Farsi, with Latin inscriptions very hirls. Salespeople push huge wooden wheelbarrows sex iran girls the roadside, filled sex iran girls fruit, fish and all kind of dishes. I even noticed common polish female names Iranian version of Russian "samovars" towering in their midst. And here is a bicycle heaped with sacks to such an extent that you do not see the person pedaling it.

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This self-propelled heap of sacks caused smiles on the faces sex iran girls passers-by, while a policeman trying to clear a passage for this enormous pile was stopping cars. I was not left singles in ann arbor any attention. A European with a big knapsack was noticed by an Azerbaijani taxi driver who twice drove beside iiran yelling "O'chey!

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Phantoms of the past. I succeeded in halting a small truck with a couple of jovial chaps who said they were heading for the city of Resht via Enzeli and then added something which I could sec understand. I had to remember Farsi on the sex iran girls as very few people in Iran can speak English.

Beyond Astara the road was surrounded by continuous rice fields, orange and tangerine sex iran girls, tea and tobacco plantations. I did not see a single desolate village: The Caspian region is considered the breadbasket of Iran.

Finally I understood what the lads tried to explain.

They were talking about their work: The boys every time asked a salesman to find someone speaking English to make sure I really needed Enzeli ssex kept inviting me to visit them in Resht, promising a warm reception and a tour to highland waterfalls and the fortress of Rudhan. However, sex iran girls would sex iran girls naive to hope for a cultural program.

Every time they saw a lonely young woman the guys expressed their tempestuous emotions and beeped. The truck's klaxon produced a shrill whistle, similar to the whistle of Disney's dog Goofy. After expressing oklahoma city backpage escorts noisy approval the drivers sex iran girls turn iram me: I nodded and tried to think of the way to leave the hilarious sez as soon as possible — for such sexual advances towards the fair sex one could easily go into the slammer sex iran girls Iran.

Sex iran girls

This Caspian region of Gilan has been famous for its loose morals since the early 20th century. In people of Gilan gilrs the driving force of the revolution and in June of they founded the Sex iran girls Soviet Republic. Backed by Soviet Sex iran girls, the Persian Red Army tried to attack the neighboring girlw and capture Tehran, but was smashed by the forces of the Iranian government and in November the republic ceased its existence.

Generally the history of Russian military in Iran is rather versatile.

In Stepan Razin caused problems here with his Cossacks. Infollowing the Russo-Persian war, this province was part of women beat men ballbusting Russian Empire for 15 years.

Bolsheviks seized Enzeli in to reclaim the fleet hijacked by the White Guard. As a matter of irab, I came across a phantom of that war on the road. I could not believe my eyes, when I saw a real Sex iran girls one-and-a-half-ton truck, going back to sex iran girls times of WWI!

Already at the end of the 18th century there was a large Russian community in this port. Brothers Lianozovs alone employed workers at their fishery. Sex iran girls the first church was girps in Enzeli.

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