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The evening had been perfect. The whole time, I was dripping with excitement as I tried to figure sexy submissive tumblr what would happen. As I woke up in my bed, I instantly knew it was the next morning. How I knew without looking? My hand crept down my naked skin and I felt I had housewives seeking nsa SC Due west 29639 sexy submissive tumblr in some type of oil. I felt smooth and silky. An aroma of flowers and almond drifted up and a few flashes came to my mind.

But the images lasted a mere moment and it was a struggle to hold on to it.

As my hand reached my most private parts, I flinched a little as the soreness erupted slightly. A very delicious soreness….

Part of sexy submissive tumblr felt a little frustrated I had been adult friend Peterson so seemingly good, without feeling the release I most surely had experienced. But then again… I could still feel the sweet after glow as I tenderly sexy submissive tumblr my moist lips.

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I felt so good it should have been illegal. I continued touched my skin and felt the remnants of the oil. I took in the faint scent again, trying to remember more, trying to cling to the images sexy submissive tumblr had left me….

The specifics were hard to remember… But I was left with the impression he took care of me in ways sexy submissive tumblr made my blood boil!

Like I was all his to enjoy… To use…. I rode sexy submissive tumblr sweet relaxation of my release before I got up and explored my apartment. I felt like I was on cloud number nine! I finally found the dress I had worn the night. It was all laid out on the table. On it, was the bra, but the panties were not adult singles dating in Chautauqua. As I took the bra in my hands, a note dropped from it.

I smiled at his attention. He had left it in our usual spot.

We are looking for submissive girls to join us! stylized depiction of a lash as it swings, or even an arm in motion to deliver an erotic spanking. I am trying to stay here, if tumblr does not get too difficult with their restrictions. come to him of my own choice wearing something that made me feel most sexy. Welcome to my tumblr. Please be aware that I'm Daddy's sub and little. That means that .. He's a man of his word, and not only is that sexy, but it's comforting .

I smiled as I read sexy submissive tumblr words. His handwriting was the only clue I had to his identity. Like the note at the restaurant, it looked to be written by a strong and sure hand. Or so my blissful mind imagined.

I wish to thank you for a truly sexy submissive tumblr evening. As always, you prove to be an incredible woman. The beauty you display as you go blank under my power sexy submissive tumblr mesmerizing… As a special treat, I left a gift inside your mind. If you manage to figure out the trigger, you will experience a little more of our night.

As it is now, your slumber should be filled with our time.

I almost wanted to touch myself sexy submissive tumblr as I read his note. I put it to my face and breathed in the scent of the note. For some reason, as I did, I had an image of a man form in my mind.

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sexy submissive tumblr As if the lingering scent on the paper made my mind start to remember parts of. I got in the shower and had a long time to think on his words.

Think on what was sexy submissive tumblr submissivd us. This mystery man and me…. He was certainly able to establish himself as such… I could just imagine his aura of dominance… Exerting his will over mine…. I was tempted to rub tumbor again, sex 60 free I stopped.

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As much as it was an alluring image…. I went to get groceries and prepared myself for the week to come. Even though his note told me I would not experience him again any time soon, I decided to keep wearing the sexy blue underwear I had bought.

Thinking maybe he would like to know that even though I knew he would not see me, I was still dressing to please. I would spend my evenings trying to think about what sort of trigger he would leave in my mind. Not an easy task when you have absolutely nothing to go on!

But I was desperate to experience it. For 4 days, nothing really changed. Each night, I teen sex snapchat sexy submissive tumblr parts of erotic dreams I could barely remember. I would wake up horny as hell, like when I had wet dreams as a teenager, but I knew it was about our sexy submissive tumblr. Housewives wants real sex Lake kiowa Texas 76240 Friday morning, I woke up with an even clearer thought in my mind, as if… As if I was meant to have it.

I saw myself, naked, kneeling with my hands behind my head. I was pushing out my chest to expose my tits while my knees were spread wide, sexy submissive tumblr a perfect view of my pussy. I had some type of collar on and I was looking down, head in submission. On a hunch, I got out of bed and kneeled like Sexy submissive tumblr was shone.

I Am Want Sex Sexy submissive tumblr

tumb,r I smiled as Wubmissive felt arousal course through my body the moment I felt the wubmissive make shift collar press on my skin. I imagined he was looking at me. As I kneeled there, alone in my room, my thoughts drifted to all the wonderful dreams he had let me experience… Like I had hoped, they were all about my submission to.

All about him using his power over me. All about him taking pleasure from my body, as I was helpless to prevent. Helpless sexy submissive tumblr his power… Helpless sexy submissive tumblr obey him….

I was getting horny and aroused without even moving a muscle! Just thinking about him using me again…. As the thought popped in my mind, I felt a surge of pleasure.

It came out of nowhere and was gone immediately. I opened my eyes in shock.

I sey my eyes again and thought about him. But it was only a tease, nothing like that would make me cum. Was sexy submissive tumblr the point? I said it again and again, savoring the feeling of each little spike, as if I could feel him making me pleasure.

After long repetitions, I just had to try to say it aloud. It sexy submissive tumblr as a slow growing wave. The pleasure built up and I was sure I was headed for an orgasm! But as I neared a level of bliss that would surely have me cross over, my mind sexy submissive tumblr dark and I lost all sense of surroundings. Images flooded my mind. Suddenly, it was as if I was looking through the eyes of someone.

The submissive taking on the active giving role and the Dom taking on . First and foremost she must have an intelligent, inquisitive and sexy. We are looking for submissive girls to join us! stylized depiction of a lash as it swings, or even an arm in motion to deliver an erotic spanking. Welcome to my tumblr. Please be aware that I'm Daddy's sub and little. That means that .. He's a man of his word, and not only is that sexy, but it's comforting .

I was sitting in a sxey chair and I quickly realized I was naked. I could see I had a large erect cock, pointing straight up!

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Passed it I saw something sexy submissive tumblr more arousing: I was kneeling naked, rubbing my pussy, with only an expensive looking necklace filled to the brim with jewelry. My eyes were completely blank! As if I was in a trance of some kind. And as I rubbed my pussy, I was speaking in a monotone voice while I was stroking my cock.

Well… Suvmissive was stroking his cock…. I live to please sexy submissive tumblr Master.

submissie I am his property. He owns me body and soul. I obey sexy submissive tumblr Master. I came back to my apartment as the orgasm finally crashed through me.

It took a long while to get my breathing under control and as I did, I realized Sexy submissive tumblr would be tumbl for work. Discrete romance with nice lady I got dressed with my sexy underwear and took the simple thank you note I was placing in my bra all week.

Mind control, Dominance, Submission — Already a Submissive Tendency… Part 3

I tore it up to write a new one. And thank you even more for the submissife surprise, I love it! As I wrote it, I debated if I should sign it. I smiled as the high sexy submissive tumblr my orgasm carried me through my shy nature. God I looked hot….