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I Am Look Teen Sex Why are there so many prostitutes in thailand

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Why are there so many prostitutes in thailand

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Tragic though it thailans be, the exploitation of women and forced sexual servitude has been around for a very long time. They were slaves, and so had to follow the bidding of their masters or face punishment.

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It remained this way for hundreds of years, until in the 20th century King Rama V sought a more Western approach to policy and abolished slavery. The abolition of slavery brought about freedom from slavery, yet freedom without land, property or money to support a family often left the uneducated slaves little choice but to turn towards prostitution.

Brothels began to grow and spread along the length and breadth of the nation.

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War also saw the explosion of prostitution as an industry. Thailand was occupied by the Japanese forces throughout World War II, and used Thai women as prostitutes throughout their occupation.

They flocked to areas such as Patpong in Bangkok and the coastal city of Pattaya — two areas which remain prostitution hotspots to this day. As Thailand began to modernise, its economy did the. Moving from a sustenance-based economy to a capitalist one saw villagers needing cash to purchase goods.

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Thailand began to see the potential in tourism, and so in the late 20th century they invested heavily in promoting Thailand as a tourist destination.

Entered into voluntarily, sex work can be empowering for women, offering agency and liberation that can be hard to find for women.

Women are often taken advantage of and duped by brothel owners or pimps in order to secure their services. Despite being illegal sinceprostitution still has a very visible presence along the streets of Bangkok, Pattaya and any other major population hub. Whilst such shows might not be available in some other tourist destination, there are still plenty of massage parlours and karaoke bars open long into the night in most Woman seeking sex Mifflinville cities, with their workers sat outside, beckoning punters to join.

Politicians have talked in the media about wanting the sex industry gone in Thailand, yet it will be strong, heartfelt words and stronger actions that will bear fruit, not lip service. Asia Thailand History.

The History of Prostitution in Thailand. Save to Wishlist.

Thailand is known for plenty of things, notably the food, the islands and its crazy, hectic capital Bangkok. An age-old tradition.

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Free — in name. An economic shift. Exploitation and trafficking.

Prostitution in Thailand today. Read Next. A Brief History.